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Foam Refrigerant Pack 9"x4"x 1 1/2"[Pbrix32]

Foam Refrigerant Pack 9\"x4\"x 1 1/2\"

Foam Refrigerant Pack 9"x4"x 1 1/2"[Pbrix32]


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Is lab specimen integrity important to you?

YES -Then there is nothing on the market better than the Re-Freez-R-Brix foam refrigerant block for a constant temperature for up to 14 days.
Don't settle for cheap liquid gel packs that freeze the specimen and then thaw out to hot in about 48 hrs depending on the outside temperature. Re-Freez-R Brix are reusable and can be used over and over again.

This Re-Freez-R-Brixâ„¢ multipurpose refrigerant foam pack works like a "refrigerator in a bag" to protect products packed in temperature controlled packaging from freezing or thawing. The 9"x4"x 1 1/2", 16-oz foam pack is a block of rigid, open cell, foam refrigerant impregnated with a specially formulated, non-toxic aqueous solution and hermetically sealed in a heavy-duty plastic pouch. Ideal for use with pharmaceuticals, blood products, lab samples and bio products shipped in temperature controlled packaging, the refrigerant foam pack prevents thawing and keeps frozen products chilled for an extended time period. The foam pack protects against warming by keeping perishables in temperature controlled packaging at a constant temperature for up to 14 days. The refrigerant foam pack safeguards against freezing because warmed foam packs release heat to keep perishables from freezing.

Sold by the each, Size- 9"x4"x 1 1/2"