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Medegen Starplex Starswab Amies Clear 50/bg[P02-SP130X]

Medegen Starplex Starswab Amies Clear 50/bg

Medegen Starplex Starswab Amies Clear 50/bg[P02-SP130X]


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Amies Agar Gel - Culture Swab for Anaerobes (Throat, vaginal, wound and skin swabs) THIS IS NOT FOR USE WITH COVID-19 SAMPLE COLLECTION.

Modified Amies Clear Media Gel, Starswab Single Rayon Swab in Round Bottom Tube & Cap, Magenta, 50/bg,

· Lot number and expiration date printed on tube labels
· Sterile Plain Swabs in Labeled Tubes
· Gamma radiation sterilized
· Amies Clear provides excellent survival for a wide range of bacteria, including anaerobes, and is compatible with gram stain. Provides an excellent environment for the survival of anaerobes through the complete immersion of the swabs into the gel and by the presence of the reducing agent, sodium thioglycollate. Swabs are tipped with inert, non-toxic rayon. Plastic shaft.

50 per bag. Comes packaged in metalized resealable bag with premium thickness for improved packaging environment. Prevents moister loss from media. Protected from harmful UV rays.

Current exp. date- End of (11-02-2022)