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Solid Red Lockable Phlebotomy Tray[LPTSR]

Solid Red Lockable Phlebotomy Tray

Solid Red Lockable Phlebotomy Tray[LPTSR]


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Not too small and Not too big. We searched long and hard for the perfect size Covered Phlebotomy Tray. Your requests have been answered. It's not too small - it allows a stand up sharp container and other supplies but not too big like you're carrying a large construction tool box. Made from durable hard plastic. Comes with an oversized padlock eye that accepts larger padlocks. Carry fully loaded boxes with confidence. Steel draw latch snaps tightly closed.

Each Cat#LPTSR Solid Red Lockable Phlebotomy tray comes with...

· 14" Red Phlebotomy Box 14" x 8.08" x 8.125"
· Polystyrene Test Tube rack holds 40 tubes (Size 13mm-17mm)
· 2 plastic bin cups
· 2 each tourniquets
· Phlebotomy sharp 1 qt. container

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