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Specimen Combination Lock Box[00-078009-00]

Specimen Combination Lock Box[00-078009-00]


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SampleSafe Front-Load 3 dial combination LockBox. Comes with hanging door bracket

The Drucker SampleSafe keeps specimens safe for hours in both hot and cold temperatures. With an outdoor temperature of 15°F (-9°C), hematology specimens stored in a conventional steel insulated lockbox can freeze and hemolyze in as little as 15 minutes. In a SampleSafe, they remain viable for four or more hours.

In 100°F (38°C) weather, specimens are threatened by the heat. Even with a cold pack, a standard metal lockbox can overheat in less than three hours. Even before total specimen non-viability, heat exposure can damage the tube’s gel separation barrier, causing proteins to precipitate from the plasma, and ultimately contaminating results. The Drucker SampleSafe offers hours of specimen protection without a cold pack, and protection for up to 24 hours with it.

The Drucker SampleSafe lockbox also offers crucial sample protection for visiting nurses. Even when stored in hot or cold vehicles during the next house call, the SampleSafe protects sensitive blood samples from damages caused by these temperature extremes. With a hot or cold pack, specimens can stay comfortable for a full day.

· Urethane insulation, polymer construction, and handle design
· Sealed gasket to keep out moisture
· Clear sample guard – specimens can’t fall out and no more missed samples at pickup!
· Combination Dial. Set your own 3 number code.
· Door hanging bracket. (24-inch) Fits all standard doors.

Height: 14.0 in.
Width: 15 in.
Depth: 8.0 in.
Weight:11.5 lbs.
Internal Volume: 570 in³
Warranty: 5 Years

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